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Feel Like Quitting? 11 Reasons Why

September 1, 2020


I'm Alison

I’m an online business coach and ecommerce entrepreneur. I’m here to teach you, step-by-step, how to sell online. Even if you’re brand new to online sales, you’ll get the roadmap you need to create and grow your own profitable online business the right way.



Let me tell you about some of the products I've sold that helped me reach my first Million. We're offering this and other valuable resources for free!

There is a question that has run a bajillion times in my head throughout my time as a business owner. I'm wondering if you've had to deal with it too.  “Should I quit?” 

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who's ever felt this way. That thought can be so overwhelming and convincing too. But I'm here to let you know that even if you've ever felt the same way I did, you too can get through it!  Today, I wanna talk about some of the reasons you feel like quitting. Where are those thoughts originating, and what can we do to push them aside? 

Because you will push them away. Even though there will be challenges and bumps in the road, you will get through it. Why? Because you CAN. You are not a quitter. 

I'm going to go through the top 11 reasons that have come into my brain that have caused me to want to quit. Maybe you've had some of these same thoughts too.

#1: You expect to make a million dollars overnight and feel like quitting when it doesn't happen.

Guess what? Day two rolled around, and you didn't make a million dollars. I get it. I'd be pretty disappointed, too, if that was my expectation. Feeling like quitting is a pretty standard response to this situation.

And then the days continue to go by, and you still don't meet your goal. You only made two hundred dollars. Or five hundred. How is that possible when everyone else is crushing it?! Maybe you should just quit. 

When I first started, I had to create the belief that I could make $1. My brain said, “Alison, you can't do this. You're an imposter. Only other people make money online.” 

And at the time, it was true. My brain was telling me the truth. So what did I have to do? I had to fight against those thoughts. I needed to prove to my brain that I could do it. So I went out there and made my first dollar. I was ecstatic about it. Like deliriously happy! 

Celebrate every sale. Mediate in gratitude for that accomplishment. You're doing great work, and if you keep it up, then you'll be astonished at what you can accomplish.

#2: School screwed you up.

Think about it. In school, we're taught that 90% is an A. And the funny thing is we tend to keep that attitude even after we leave the classroom. Your mind automatically connects the percentages you needed to hit in math class to the conversions you're making on your website.

This is all wrong!

The average conversion rate is between 1-3%. If you have a hundred visitors to your site, only one to three people need to end up buying. Not the 85% you've been striving for. 

So remember, school screwed us up. You're never going to get a 90% conversion on your stuff. Know the numbers that you should be celebrating. Hey, that 3% is an A plus. 

#3: Mother's (or father's) guilt hits you and quitting seems like a good idea.

Your family needs you all the time. How can you possibly justify spending all that time and energy on something that's not them? Maybe it's time to quit!

Well, let me get you in on a secret. By working, you can teach your kids that work is good and that work doesn't have to be this horrible nine-to-five job that you just are miserable at your entire life. 

I came up with a system where I put a sign on my office door to let my kids know how long I'll be working. It allows me to have (mostly) uninterrupted time to get things done and to be fully present with my children during non-working time. I did not want my kids to hear me say hang on, I'm almost done, hang on, almost done over and over and over again. 

There are hard days. But during those days, my kids and I have each other for support, and I can confidently say that my family gets stronger as we respect one another's boundaries and do our best to communicate openly.

#4: You are afraid to celebrate your wins.

Have you ever sold something online? It's super exhilarating, and you want to go tell somebody because you are oozing with the sunshine with the rays of goodness. So you call up one of your friends, and they don't sound all that thrilled for you. And now you're embarrassed that you've bragged about your accomplishment and put off your friend. Suddenly that win feels a lot less sweet and quitting starts feeling like a great option.

I want you to consider this in another light. The ability to work and make money is a gift! God is our business partner, and He is giving us the opportunity to experience this success. If your sister gave you a present, you wouldn't hide it or be ashamed. The same goes for what you do in your business. Be proud and thankful for your efforts and results. 

#5: You think everyone will celebrate you.

Not everyone is going to be excited for you. Don't let that dim your light. People have a hard time relating to success but an easy time relating to misery. This isn't the time to resort to quitting. It's time to stand confidently and puff your chest a bit.

I know the feeling of finally having the confidence to relay your success to friends and family proudly and their response to just be…lackluster. It's disappointing but no reason to feel any less pride in what you've done. Release your expectations of getting accolades and pats on the back. You don't need that to keep moving forward. 

#6: You feel busy all the time.

Except you're not getting a whole lot done. Maybe you feel like a chicken with their head cut off. You're moving at top speed but don't have much to show for it. Well, It's because you're moving. But you're not doing the things that help you to grow. 

You get lost in the Instagram vortex because you're doing “research”. If you've been scrolling for hours and haven't reached out to influencers or worked with marketplaces, then you're a consumer and not a producer. Be the producer. 

#7: You got your very first one-star review.

The day has come, and boy does it hurt. You have put so much blood, sweat, and tears into your business! How could someone be so mean? This one is hard as your emotions are at an all-time high. Quitting feels like the best out in these moments.

Want my advice? Address the issue. Do your absolute best not to take it personally and respond to that reviewer. That is what matters. People will look for a positive and professional response from you, which speaks volumes over any negative feedback you might be getting.

And if that reviewer is just mean, don't be afraid to block and delete. You don't need that kind of energy in your life. 

#8: You're not tracking, and it makes you feel like quitting.

You know you're making money, but it feels like you're falling short all the time. Why? It's because you're not tracking your numbers. Make sure you're keeping your books clean! You won't have any idea how much you're grossing if you're using your company card for your dry cleaning and Starbucks run. Hire a bookkeeper if you need to. Investing in financial organization pays off in the long run. 

#9: Your product got delayed.

Oh, no! Your product got stuck in customs, and you cannot afford another delay! I understand the stress. I've definitely dedicated a gray hair or two to this exact scenario.

Delays happen. You have to prepare for them. I don't get too stressed over delays because I allow extra time for them to happen. I had to learn that lesson the hard way, but it's been so worth it because now I know what to do. 

Prepare, prepare, and prepare.

#10: Price increases.

Things are costing us so much more. And thank you to COVID for driving up the cost of what seems like everything. You have to adapt and adjust, and sometimes that means raising prices.

I know what you're thinking. “Alison, my customers will be so mad! I feel guilty! Quitting is my safest route. “

Don't feel guilty for providing value. Your customers will get over it. I'm talking about increasing your prices to allow you to put money in your pocket. You should not be working for free. That's called volunteering. If you're going to volunteer, go do it elsewhere. Don't do it in your business. Your business is to make money to put in your pocket. Be okay with increasing your price on what the market is demanding. 

#11: You feel like quitting because you're tired.

Your business is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to take breaks and rest. Your health and business depend on that. When you're feeling burnout, take that feeling as a cue to take a breather. You deserve that! 

I hope this list helped you guys out! Now go out and serve the world because you have no reason to quit. You are more than capable of succeeding in AMAZING ways! Quitting is not an option. Go for it. 

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I'm Alison

I’m an online business coach and ecommerce entrepreneur. I’m here to teach you, step-by-step, how to sell online. Even if you’re brand new to online sales, you’ll get the roadmap you need to create and grow your own profitable online business the right way.



Let me tell you about some of the products I've sold that helped me reach my first Million. We're offering this and other valuable resources for free!


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