Learn how my girls built a six-figure business while in junior high and how you can do the same.

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Well, I originally didn’t want to teach people how to do this because the whole idea was REALLY SCARY. I’m a big—WAY BIG—introvert, so the very thought of being online teaching how to do this had me absolutely quaking.

But I’d decided early on to make God my business partner, and He let me know that what I’d learned all those years of selling online wasn’t about me. It was about other people—and other families. I needed to teach them how to start their own online stores. It took Him 3 years of prompting to get me moving out of my comfort zone. And I’m so grateful He did.

My students’ successes have become my obsession. When they hit new milestones or have wins, I celebrate right along with them. They are why I continue to sell online to test new products and methods. It allows me to stay current about what’s happening out there so I can bring it back and give it to students so they can put it to work in their own shops.

Ohmygoodness! I’m super glad you asked that question! I’m probably best known for the 0-$100K System. It’s the one I created as I started and expanded my own online businesses—and it gives an incredible basis for anyone wanting to sell products online. That’s why over 11,000 people have joined! And every day we get to learn about someone in the group who has taken workshop information and absolutely CRUSHED it! The additional workshops, sprints, and challenges I’ve introduced are designed to meet the needs of people wherever they are along the online sales path. Some have never even considered owning an online store; others already have one and want more intensive experience that allow them to aggressively scale their businesses. Click here to find the right workshop for you.

Nope. To be honest, I was running 4 multimillion-dollar businesses of my own at that time, so I didn’t have time for tons of handholding. So I taught them my process (which was later called the 0-$100K System) and then they went to work. They learned how to start their own online store, pack and ship their items, and even handle customer service issues. The one thing I did do was cheer them on—because we all need that, right?

For the most part, nothing. Ecommerce is the name for selling products online—and that’s exactly what I teach. You’ll hear me say “online business”, “online store”, “online shop” or similar terms. Some people new to this idea can be unfamiliar with the word “ecommerce” so I use phrases that they do understand.

You might have heard that getting into online selling requires you to invest a bunch of inventory, use drop shopping, and spend a hours a day on your business. You might also have heard that there’s a ginormous learning curve.

No wonder so many people don’t go into the world of online selling!

Those beliefs are just not true. You don’t need to spend tons of money on inventory, use drop shipping, or devote all your time to build a successful online store. My students are proof that you can start with almost nothing and build a great business. (Listen to Trish’s story or Shannon’s story.)

What is required is for you to take the first step and get started. Then I walk you through the process so you can start making money quickly.

The 0-$100K System came from the process I developed as a busy wife and mom with limited hours. From the very beginning, selling online had to fit into my life, which is why I designed it to fit into yours. You don’t have to have a social media following, and it NEVER depends on you having to sell to your friends and family. The 0-100 System gives you the information and tools you need to generate extra income—maybe even full-time income—while living a full and rich life.

Nope. And anyone who says selling online is saturated…is telling a big fib. More and more customers are buying products online, from clothing to cooking essentials—and they’re buying them from people just like you. Listen to a few of my students’ stories from the How to Sell Online podcast to find out how they’ve done it:

When you join the 0-$100K System, you’ll learn how to find out what’s trending and the best way to get buyers to choose to purchase from you again and again. Most importantly, you’ll find out how serving others is the most important component of any business.
Do you know how much freedom you feel when someone asks you WHY you’re doing something and you simply reply, “Because I Can”? Well, THAT’S what the Because I Can family is all about.

This family is a diverse group of women (and men and kids!) who have decided that enough is enough. They’re tired of the rat race, the struggle, and living with daily worries. We believe in taking the first step towards freedom and believe that it’s possible to generate extra income by selling online. And whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a busy professional, or a stressed-out student, we want you to join us. Because this is more than just you receiving online business coaching or earning extra money. It’s about helping you build a life you love.

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