Learn how my girls built a six-figure business while in junior high and how you can do the same.

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Before I was the founder of 4 multi-million dollar businesses, 
I was a public-school teacher with a baby on one hip, a husband finishing school, and a salary that qualified us for government assistance.

Founding these businesses wasn’t just about more money in the bank—though, ahem, it definitely was in part about that—it was about providing the future for our family we’ve always dreamed about.

I bet our stories aren't all that different.

Hey friend!

It’s about my FAMILY. The paycheck-to-paycheck life had my husband, Jared, and I obsessively budgeting to afford everything we needed, let alone anything extra we wanted. We lived pretty tight with our money: no food without coupons, no furniture without garage sale shopping … and definitely no purchases we didn’t plan for.

I’d joyfully chosen to be home with our kids—leaving behind my career in the classroom teaching math and science—but it wasn’t lost on me that if I hadn’t stayed home, the cost of childcare would’ve been MORE than I was bringing home in my paycheck. 

We were stuck—even though I felt like we were doing everything right! 

Until one day … 

I glanced at the corner of my makeshift-office to see a pile of crafting scraps and the rest is history. 

My story isn’t just about what I did … it’s about why I did it.

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My husband was in school studying physical therapy, and we’d just had our first baby. I got darn good at budgeting, saving, and finding all the good deals. After all, we were living on my public-school-teacher salary—which imagine my surprise when I discovered that $28k/yr income qualified our little family of three for government assistance!

In The Beginning...

When my hubs started working full time, I had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom. BUT I also wanted an outlet for myself, and a way to help contribute financially.

I started a blog with friends, but it wasn’t bringing in much money (though it eventually grew into a multimillion-dollar business).

The Side-Hustle Life

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That pile of crafting scraps I mentioned above? This is where they come in. I had a bunch of leftover vinyl and no use for it. And so I listed that "trash" online to see if I could turn it into cash. 

*ding*..... *ding*.... *ding*.... That "ding" I heard throughout the day? No, it wasn't a broken toy. It was sales! And I was hooked.

Turning Trash into Cash

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Over the next few years I taught myself to build four multimillion-dollar businesses. I was helping provide for my family and I was having fun! 

On my third business, when I hit a million in sales, I knew I wasn't just a one-hit-wonder. I'd found a system that worked and could be used over and over again.

Sooo THAT happened...

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Noticing our kids sleeping in 'til noon on the weekends, we decided they needed to be more productive. We gave our daughters a choice: Take on more chores or start their own business. They chose to start their own business, so we loaned them a cool $200 for inventory. I taught them the methods, but they put in the work. Nine months later, they'd made $100K!

My Kids Made $100K

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I realized that everything I'd built was something I could TEACH! But instead of teaching science and math, this time I could teach people just like me how to change their lives!

The business I started to give my family more financial freedom has since equipped more than 100,000 people to do the same.

Because I Can

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If I could go back and hug 2011 Alison and tell her all about it—she’d never believe me. But really, if I could tell her just one thing, it would be to believe that she could do it.

Because SHE CAN.

She can do hard things. She can make mistakes and figure out how to fix them.

She can build four multimillion-dollar businesses—all starting from an idea she wasn’t sure would make a dime!

And, most importantly, she can teach thousands of people how to change their lives just like she did.

That, my friends, is the Because I Can Life. And now it’s your turn. Because YOU are NEXT!

Now I'm here to teach you what I know so you can build the business of your dreams.

by Greg McKeown

A whole gallon of
Chick Fil-a Lemonade

Traveling with my
husband and kids

Helping others achieve
financial freedom

Things I really love...

Davis & Lucas

They’re not quite official members of the 0-100K club—though I guess we could credit Lucas since he was right there with me when I sold those leftover craft supplies. 

For now, they’re our resident comedians—always making us laugh! They’re always building with Lego and playing Minecraft—and asking us relentlessly when they can start their own business. (Technically, though, they did sell rocks when they were little, so I guess they’re already businessmen.)  

Our daughters: founders of their own 100K business, and lovers of all things cooking & baking

My oldest daughter, Makayla, has presented on stage at FunnelHackers Live, and genuinely believes I *tricked* her into starting a business. (I call that parenting!) Her signature recipe: cinnamon rolls.

Bridges loves making vegan meals and flirting with boys *cue eye roll* ... and can always be depended upon to bring in the sunshine—she’s a happy girl!

Makayla & Bridges

My husband, best friend and biggest fan. We’ve been married since 1999, and we still flirt so much our kids get annoyed with us. Whatever. 

Jared’s a physical therapist turned Because I Can mentor—he helps coach all of our students through things like shipping, business setup, DBAs, and brain & body health. 

He’s a big fan of celery juice, and when he’s not working you can catch him riding his bike around the island.


My Family and How You'll Meet Them

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But it's not just MY family... It's OUR family, too

Everyone who dives into one of my challenges or systems becomes part of the "Because I Can" Fam --the kind of family who champions one another, celebrates each others' achievements as if they're our own, and supports each other through challenges along the way.

Want to learn more about how we built our businesses and how you can build your own?

Everyone who dives into one of my challenges or systems becomes part of the "Because I Can" Fam --the kind of family who champions one another, celebrates each others' achievements as if they're our own, and supports each other through challenges along the way.

Want to learn more about how we built our businesses and how you can build your own?

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The numbers don't lie

– Mandy Bare

"Alison and her program have kept me on track, constantly pushing and challenging me to reach my potential. If anyone asks me if Alison is worth it? My answer is a resounding YES."

Don't just take our word for it...

The kind who loves kid hugs and cries whenever I have to wave goodbye to my kids when they're heading out on a trip. I love, love, LOVE being a parent. Especially getting to co-parent with my husband, Jared.

A regular, everyday mom

Here's what else I love: Chick-fil-a. My dream retirement job is to volunteer to hand out mints to customers. It is my happy place.

Lover of lemonade

I'm an introvert who loves staying home... but... I pried myself out of my comfort zone to visit China 7 times to vet the product manufacturers I worked with. Hey, how else would I make sure the companies I'm recommending to my students are awesome?

An introverted adventurer

I love to GEEK OUT about pretty much everything to do with online selling. Wanna talk sales strategy? Discuss fulfillment? Identify trends and create cool stuff that customers will love? Oh my goodness, you are speaking my language!

Online selling geek

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